Round Top Cottages

Do's & Don'ts


Be careful not to run over septic area or the water well.  Stay on the gravel.

Keep the main gate lock when in town.

Leave Cottage neat and clean. We will have a maid do laundry and make beds, clean bathroom etc.

Please meet friends in town.

Bring rockers or chairs inside if windy.

No fireworks

Fishing equipment is not provided.

Catch & Release

No smoking in Cottage, and please pickup your cigarette butts if you smoke outside.

Keep all gates closed and chained for cattle even around the house.

No guns or rifles.

Watch for snakes around ponds.

No fires, except in cookers.

Keep all doors to Cottage locked when away. Please make plans to meet friend in town. Remember to latch all gates.

Do not litter.

Please do not put sanitary napkins or excessive amounts of paper in toilet.  It will backup.

No eggshells or coffee grounds in disposal.

Bring your own food, drinks, charcolal, etc.

Coffee and tea is yours to enjoy.

If you use the boat be sure a wear a life preserver.

We provide plastic bags for the trash. Please put outside in the large trash cans and be sure to lock the lids.

No loose trash.

Do not drive on property when raining or when ground is very wet. You will get stuck. Stay on the gravel roadway.

When there are guests at both house please respect the other's privacy. Do not cross the creek and fish only in your pond.



Please turn off all electricity and water when you depart. Please remember the Air-Conditioner.


If problems, call my residence (713) 306.5530The house does not have a phone.  For "911" the addresses are (Cedar Tops Cottage) 6107 Lorena Ln. and (Winedale Cottage) 7450 Kieke Rd.  We are located in Buton, Texas 77835.  The nearest Hospital is Brenham, Texas approximately a 20 minute drive on 290 travel east towards Houston.


Please print this list and take it with you.

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